FBI romance

The Thing About Love - Julie James

I expected more from this novel. It is a romance between two FBI agents, John and Jessica. Six years ago, while studying together at the FBI Academy, they were bitter enemies. Now, they have to work together on one undercover assignment, and they rapidly become friends, and then lovers.

I didn’t give much credence to their prior enmity – it felt like a writer’s gimmick, to create the first hurdle to their relationship – but the relationship itself built nicely. I enjoyed reading John and Jessica’s story.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to it. Some scintillating banter. Some self-searching inner monologues. Lots of sex. Lots of unnecessary details of food and clothing. The tension of their undercover case rose steadily, but the denouement was more of a farce than an FBI-style confrontation.

Overall – an average modern romance.