Coded G6

Coded G6 - Hillary Layelle This novella was a waste of time. If I didn’t promise to read it and write a review, I’d have stopped reading after the first 5 pages. Nothing happens to the protagonist Claire for most of the story. The brief chapters are filled with unnecessary details, paragraph after paragraph of boring exposition, while the action is confined to Claire’s random interactions with her roommates, classes and college parties, and the girls’ endless angst about the boys. Plus text messages studded with numbers and mutilated English words.
Of the 13 chapters, something starts happening only in chapter 12 – Claire’s heartthrob confides in her that after some scientific experiments, he’s becoming superhuman. He can read thoughts, control the weather, and generally perform like a godling. Really?! And he wants her to join his secret club/laboratory.
It might become a decent beginning to a story, if the author would just cut off or summarize the first 11 chapters into one terse paragraph and start in medias res in chapter 12. The back story could then be dished out in small dozes, if necessary for the plot. We don’t need to know the colors of all the male characters’ pants, but we do need to now what the protagonist wants right away. Everything extraneous should be deleted.
As it is, the story is raw. It needs lots of rewriting. Overall impression: Yikes!