Stranger in My Arms

Stranger in My Arms - Lisa Kleypas Not the best of romances. The storyline is not original either. Lara's husband, Lord Hunter Hawksworth, died at sea a year ago. She never liked him, so she never really mourned. A year later, he comes back - but is it really him or is he a stranger? The plot has a huge potential, but I was greatly disappointed in the execution.
What didn't I like?


Hunter's POV sucks.
The story, as the majority of romances, is told from the two POVs: Lara's and her supposed husband's. But even when we get into Hunter's heads, for most of the book, we don't know: is he the real one or an imposter. We keep guessing, and I think it's wrong. The writer might've hidden the facts from her heroine, but she shouldn't have concealed the truth from the readers. It's not fair and not realistic. There should be some memories in Hunter's mind, flashbacks, musings that would let us know who he is and what he wants. I dislike it when the author deceives her readers.

Lara's 'honesty' and coldness suck.
It takes time for Lara to learn to love Hunter. Her first marriage was unhappy: for her heart as well as for her body. The sex was unpleasant. Now, how can she trust this new, improved husband who is trying to seduce her? What if he is going to revert to his former uncaring self? She resists the sex and she resists his friendship overtures too, until she finally falls in love with him. Then she discovers that he is an imposter after all. What does she do? She betrays him without hesitation. Some love: to betray her beloved out of principles! I didn't like Lara, she is a cold, unfeeling bitch, camouflaging as an angelic widow. And my deep dislike for her colored my impression of the novel.