Maybe Baby

Maybe Baby - Lani Diane Rich An amusing novel, pretty short, sometimes funny, sometimes silly. On one hand, a typical romance, but on the other, I don’t quite get the obstacles in the way to the heroes’ married bliss. Why is Dana so afraid of marriage? Her aversion seems artificial to me, and as the entire story is based on it, I can’t help thinking: stupid!
There is a rare bird in the story too, and everyone is trying to steal it from each other. The bird sequences are hilarious, even when the human motivations are often incomprehensible.
Dana’s estranged mother Babs is one of the most interesting secondary characters in romantic fiction. She appears in another, later novel by the same author – [b:The Comeback Kiss|444907|The Comeback Kiss |Lani Diane Rich||433634] – and I liked her there too. Quite a colorful personage, much more interesting than her daughter.
Overall, an average novel, pleasurable enough to read. What I strongly disliked was the last name of the protagonist Nick Maybe. It’s kind of unbelievable. Couldn’t the author name him Nick Smith or something equally normal?