Absolutely, Positively

Absolutely, Positively - Jayne Ann Krentz The novel was a predictably joyous read, a romantic suspense from one of my favorite writers.
The plot revolves around the two protagonists: Molly and Harry. A successful businesswoman, Molly owns her own tea shop. She also manages a Foundation – her inventor father’s legacy – with a mandate to give out grants to young and poor inventors. Here comes Harry, a technical consultant Molly hires to check up applications for Foundation grants.
Romance ensues despite the differences between the heroes. Intense and life-changing, as only Krentz could make it, the affair between Molly and Harry sizzles with tensions and contradictions, which are augmented by Harry’s incongruous insecurities. The same romance also provides some funny situations and bits of dialog worthy of a few delighted chuckles.
The author painted her protagonists with a firm, sure brush, bursting with colors. While Molly is full of light and optimism, Harry is a dark-ish, brooding man with a strong streak of logic. Caught between the two feuding branches of his family, Harry is exploited by both, until Molly gently but firmly puts her dainty foot down. Her ultimatum to both families: either you respect the man I love or else… Of course, Harry is enchanted by his pretty protector.
To further complicate the tale, a crazy villain with technical inclinations appears on the scene. He terrorizes Molly with his scary inventions, thus threatening the sensual bliss between Molly and Harry.
Eventually, after some hair-splitting adventures, the heroes get their happily-ever-after, required by the genre. To tell the truth, the unavoidable happy ending only added to my pleasure of reading this novel. What can I say: I’m a sucker for happy endings.