The Comeback Kiss

The Comeback Kiss - Lani Diane Rich A typical romance novel, set in a small town in Vermont. Ten years ago, Tessa and Finn were in love with each other, and their mischievous pranks were legendary. As soon as they graduated, Finn, terrified by the strength of his attraction to Tessa, ran away. Since then, he’s led a less than stellar life, while Tessa’s was a blameless existence, as she raised her younger sister Izzy after their mother’s death. Now, Finn returns to town, and his and Tessa’s love is reignited, as if the intervening ten years didn’t matter. And he is still terrified.
The lovers must overcome many obstacles on their way to the happily ever after. Besides Finn’s incomprehensible terror of commitment and Tessa’s string of lies, there are also a wicked social worker who threatens to take Izzy away from Tessa, a mysterious arsonist, and Finn’s disapproving relatives. But of course, love triumphs in the end.
Despite the banality of the tale, the writing is very good, the pacing fast, and the characters 3-dimensional and flawed.