Wool Omnibus (Wool, #1-5)

Wool Omnibus (Wool, #1-5) - Hugh Howey I didn’t finish the book, so I can’t rate it and can’t write a comprehensive review. But I’d like to explain why I didn’t finish it. Usually it happens when the book in question is badly written. Not this time! This novel is written very well, almost perfect in fact.
It’s like a world in miniature; it has everything: corruption, elections, sinister corporations and a power struggle. It’s a dystopia with rather dark undertones of hopelessness, and as such one of my least favorite genres.
It has sympathetic heroes, but most of them died by the middle of the story, when I stopped reading. The narrative goes deep into the characters’ minds, following their profound contemplations, but I think too much contemplations slow the action down. The events crawl with the speed of a snail. The low velocity makes the tension soar, but the unending suspense exhausted me. I wanted a relief for myself and for the surviving heroes. When I realized that relief wouldn’t be forthcoming, I stopped reading.
It saddened me to stop reading this novel, because it’s really a good novel, but the process of reading it wasn’t pleasurable at all. It made me think about problems in my life instead of providing an escape from them. Perhaps at some point in the future, when all my problems will be resolved, I’ll return to this book and finish it.
Probably not.