The Jackal Man - Kate Ellis This installment in the Wesley Peterson series is pretty good. Tense and suspenseful, the novel follows DI Peterson and his colleagues, as they investigate a succession of grisly murders of young women that resemble another string of murders committed in 1903. Both in the past and in the present, the killer wears a mask of the Egyptian god Anubis and prepares his victims as if for embalming. As always in this series, history and modern crime intertwine, complicating the investigation. There is no shortage of suspects, but I didn’t guess the identity of the killer until the very end.
A satisfying read, although it leans towards the grittier side. The author pays lots of attention to the perversity of the killer, many of the suspects, and some of the victims. Each of them has a deep dark secret, and sometimes the picture of humanity that emerges is very depressing. It makes you wonder: what about the people around you? Is there so much darkness in real life as well? Or is it just the demand of the genre?