Enchanted, Inc. - Shanna Swendson A nice little novel, a mix of chic lit with urban fantasy. The heroine Katie moved to Manhattan from a small town, Texas, a year ago. She should’ve already adapted to the Big Apple but she keeps seeing things nobody else comments about, like fairies with wings or a gargoyle appearing occasionally on a church roof. She doesn’t object to the gargoyle, she is not that much of a hick, but the ‘occasionally’ part freaks her out. Shouldn’t a stone gargoyle stay in the same place every day?
From seeing fairies to accepting magic as the reality of life is one small step, and Katie makes that step when she starts working for the company that creates and sells magical spells: Magic, Spells and Illusions Incorporated (MSI Inc.). She is very valuable to the company, one of the rare verifiers: she is immune to magic.
Now, we have an ordinary girl, a former secretary, thrust into the middle of a magical ethics battle. With MSI Inc., she spearheads the company’s marketing efforts to promote the quality of their spells, and she can’t even tell her friends about her career success. Employees’ discretion, you know. Who would believe her anyway, if she claimed that the gargoyle was the company’s head of security?
Blind dates and shy wizards, spells and fairies, evil sorcerers and lawyers, love crushes and disenchanted frogs (oops, princes): they all interconnect in Katie’s life to create a short, charming tangle of magical New York and unfolding romance. A little bit fluffy but a lot of fun.