Frost Burned - Patricia Briggs A fast and furious read and a great edition to the series. I loved it.
As always, Mercy, a coyote shape-shifter, is in trouble. The day started ordinarily enough: Mercy and her stepdaughter Jesse went shopping. The end of the day, though, is much less sanguine. Mercy’s husband Adam – the Alpha of the local werewolves pack – has been abducted, together with every member of his pack. Now Mercy has to figure out who abducted them and why. She also has to organize the rescue, escape assassins, and keep Jesse safe, all the while trying to recruit as many allies as she can. Her mission is further complicated by the convoluted politics of the fae and the vampires and the uncertain attitude of the human population and its various government agencies. Delicious!
The fae in particular display their capricious nature with Briggs’s typical dry whimsy. They have stopped socializing with humans and employ magic to repel all human communications.
Within minutes of the declaration [of the fae as an independent nation], all of the fae had disappeared—and so had all of the reservations. … I’d heard that one of the reservations had grown a thicket of blackberry bushes and disappeared inside.
There was a rumor that the government had tried to bomb a reservation, but the entire flight of planes had disappeared—reappearing minutes later flying over Australia. Australian bloggers posted photos, and the US president issued a formal apology, so that part of the rumor seemed to be true.

Still, Mercy has friends even among the fae, and they help her as much as they can.
The pace of the story is rapid, almost breathlessly so, as Mercy is driving from one escapade to another without a respite. But she is definitely up to it. Her fearless loyalty and ingenuity as well as her readiness to leap into the fray to protect those she loves cement the reader’s affection, and her non-stop dazzling adventures make the pages fly.
Although this novel can be read as a stand-alone, its belonging to a series is indisputable, and reading the previous installments enriches the reader’s experience dramatically. For a series fan, reading this novel feels like going to a crazy, paranormal-themed party, with many old friends from the previous books also in attendance. Exciting and satisfying.
And the cover is gorgeous, probably the best of all Mercy books. 4,5 stars.