The Blue Sword - Robin McKinley I didn’t like this book as much as many do. I guess it was too poetic for me. And I didn’t like the heroine Harry at all. She seems to be an ‘okay’ kind of girl – a strange choice for a fantasy protagonist. She is kidnapped – okay. The kidnappers forced her to learn swordplay from dawn to dusk – okay. She is made to go to war on the side of her kidnappers, without explanations – okay. She doesn’t demand anything. She doesn’t try to escape. She discovers her magic and doesn’t even try to learn its usage or its limitations. She is just drifting through the mythological ether of the story without making any decisions of her own, with a single exception in the end.
The writing was okay too, and I finished the book, which is a plus, so I give it 3 stars, but judging from the rhapsodizing reviews of the others, I expected much more from this book. Maybe if I first read it when I was a teen, my impression would’ve been different.