The Cinderella Deal - Jennifer Crusie This little romantic novel is funny, like many Crusie’s novel, but it feels undercooked somehow. Or fragmental. Definitely not up to Crusie’s usual standard of excellence. As if the author wrote a novel, and then someone told her that only half of it would be published, so she had to select half of the text and try to make it as coherent as possible.
The result is slightly disappointing. The past history of both hero and heroine is absent, except for a few hints, but I wanted to know more. The details of their everyday life are absent too, except for a few small, disjointed scenes here and there, and again, I wanted to know more.
This entire tale could be so engrossing, if it weren’t so… lacking in text. It’s almost like a TV series, galloping from scene to scene, sometimes several weeks apart. As if a producer screams in the background: Faster! Faster! Cut! Cut!
Another problem with this story is its sugar level – it’s so sweet it gave me toothache.
Still, I enjoyed the few laughs that the novel offered. It was a quick, easy read, good for filling the time between serious, intense books. It offered pure entertainment, that’s why 3 stars instead of 2 stars.