Copper Beach - Jayne Ann Krentz This novel is one of the best among the author’s later works, although it still doesn't measure up to her novels of the previous decade. The action is very fast, the danger piles up, and the plot is steeped in complications. A rare book containing magical secrets surfaced in the underground market, and several parties want it. Some want it so much they are ready to kill for it. The heroes race after the book too, to keep it from the wrong hands. Of course, they fall in love along the way – a mandatory romantic twist – while trying to stay one step ahead of the killers.
Abby, the heroine, is curly-headed and sensual, with a murky past and a ghastly family. Sam is a classic Krentz’s hero, dark and stalwart, an unflinching protector. Together, they shuttle from Seattle to a small island in the Pacific and back again, solving the mystery of the book.
As many of Krentz’s novels, this one has a paranormal slant: Sam can manipulate the inner power of some crystals, while Abby, an antiquarian book dealer, can lock and unlock psycho-coded books for her clients.
Nonsense? Yeah, but intriguing. Romance, supernatural, and thriller mingle in this story: just the right mix to satisfy the readers. It’s not deep, soul-searching literature. No, it’s an engrossing brain candy, galloping furiously towards the end and holding the readers firmly in its grip until the last page.
The sex scenes are minimal, easy to ignore if you don’t like them. The antagonist is suitably evil. And Abby’s dog Newton provides a comic relief. The only problem I could find with the book was the dialog. Some explanations were too winded and convoluted, and when the heroes confess their eternal love for each other and heaped superlatives on each other’s head, I wanted to puke from too much sugar.
Otherwise, enjoyable. Recommended to any romance fan.