The Nonesuch - Georgette Heyer This is a calm, contemplative novel. Its humor, inescapable in a Heyer’s romance, is soft. The adventures are all low key, confined to one sleepy village, its gossipy matrons, and love-seeking youngsters. The heroes are serene and composed too, and unlike many other Heyer’s novels, very similar in temperament, although their stations in life are completely different. Sir Waldo is obscenely rich. Ancilla is a governess.
Most of the story revolves around Ancilla’s charge – a very beautiful and very spoiled, self-absorbed heiress Tiffany. As the young men and women of the village’s elite dance their mating dance across a series of picnics, balls and soirees, Ancilla and Waldo fall quietly in love with each other while trying to keep Tiffany’s soaring narcissism somewhat in check.
I loved this book. It kept me smiling and happy.