Ghost in the Polka Dot Bikini - Sue Ann Jaffarian A nice little mystery: flaky with a ghostly flavor. Emma, the protagonist, is a clairvoyant with a sense of justice. She likes and respects most ghosts she sees and feels it her duty to help them anyway she can. And all her friends and family accept her talking with invisible ghosts without blinking an eye.
Interesting premise, and the humor inherent in the situation makes the reader avidly turn the pages, waiting for hilarity to erupt. It never does, although sometimes the turns of the plot make one smile.
One of the problems with the writing is that the author frequently interrupts a scene, jumps ahead a couple of hours, and then returns as a flashback to finish the scene. The technique doesn’t enhance the story; instead it makes it rugged, jarring to the eye and mind of a reader.
Another problem: the beginning is a bit slow, but soon the story picks up and rolls merrily towards the end.
I wasn’t enamored with this novel, but I read it with pleasure. It’s fast and easy, without the necessity to think. A perfect escapist’s pastime.