Rattle His Bones  - Carola Dunn Some people say it’s the worst in the series, while others consider it one of the best. Personally, I liked this book. I think it’s a fair representative of the series.
The plot centers around a murder in the London Natural History Museum, although Daisy, for once, is on the periphery of the investigation. Consequently, her character might not be as fleshed out in this novel as it is in some other novels of the series, so this is probably not the best book to start the series. But the author introduces many other fascinating characters, like the various curators of the museum, each with his own quirks, and the dispossessed Grand Duke of Transcarpathia, who dreams of restoring his rule in his non-existing little duchy.
Add to them the characters we know and love from the previous books – Daisy’s fiancé Alec, a Detective Chief Inspector of Scotland Yard, and his cohorts, Tom Tring and Ernie Piper – plus a whole lot of dinosaurs and a famous gem – the Ruby of Transcarpathia – and you have a delectable brew of a book.