Bloody Right - Georgia Evans There are so many problems with this book that I don’t think I can name them all. I’ll just mention a few.
The beginning is confusing. Too many characters are introduced at once.
The descriptions are flat. I don’t see the place or the characters involved.
The characterization is lame, and as a result, the narrative lacks focus. There are so many POVs that even after I finished the book I have trouble deciding who the protagonist was. That’s some sloppy writing. Was there even one protagonist? Two? Five? Eight? The questions remain unanswered. None of the good characters is defined better than the others. All of them are 2-dimentional at best, so I don’t sympathize with anyone. The deeper characterization is reserved for antagonists, who are defined and obviously evil.
But despite the multiple flaws, I read the novel; I finished it. This book one redeeming quality is its story – and it’s a good one. It takes place in England during the WWII. The villains are Nazi vampires. They’re German spies, infiltrating a village outside of London to prepare for an invasion. The good guys are the villagers with some arcane powers: a couple of dragon shifters, a water sprite, a pixie or two, and a shape-shifting fox. Together, they thwart the vampires’ nefarious schemes and rid their village of the blood-sucking infestation. Along the way, they fall in love and get married, at least some of them do.
Everything in this book I’ve seen before, in other books, with better execution. But I want to finish on a positive note: the cover art is really funky: atmospheric and humorous, reflecting what this book was supposed to be. The cover actually inspired me to pick up this book from the library fantasy shelf.