Changeless - Gail Carriger I like this book better than I liked the first volume of the series – Soulless. I wouldn’t go into the details about the plot here. Those who have read the first novel would have an inkling: the saga about Alexia Tarabotti continues. Those who haven’t read Soulless should start with it before proceeding to this book.
I must say that the writing of this book is more mature and the characters more fleshed out than in the first book. And I absolutely love the author’s blunt wit and her rich, extensive English vocabulary. She employs such delightful words as folderol, gormless guppy, and conniption fit. I might be perverted, but these words' British roots and uncommon etymology make me moan in bliss. I’m off to get the next book of the series from the library. I hope they have it. Can’t wait to start reading.