Gunpowder Plot - Carola Dunn This is one of the best novels in the series: lighthearted and fast moving. Daisy and her husband, Detective Chief Inspector of Scotland Yard Alec Fletcher, investigate the double deaths of a tyrannical father and his female guest. Nobody is sorry about the father, who terrorized his family for years, but the guest was a nice, friendly woman. Why was she killed?
Quirky family relationships and a host of colorful secondary characters complicate the investigation, as usual. And as usual, I found a word in the author’s expansive vocabulary I’ve never read before. Antediluvian – do you know what it means? I didn’t, but a dictionary came to my rescue. I won’t tell though.
This book was pure joy to read. Using Daisy’s favorite word: spiffing.
The only problem I have is with the cover blurb. In the blurb, the murder victim is called a viscount, while in the book he is a baronet. I wonder if whoever wrote the blurb even read the book. If not, it’s their loss.