License to Ensorcell - Katharine Kerr This is not a bad book although not a great one. The story is engaging; it reads easily and fast. The San Francisco atmosphere comes through: the city’s hills and streetcars, the inescapable fog and quirky denizens. But the main characters are rather distant. They’re more than two-dimensional cardboard personages but not exactly three-dimensional, breathing people either. More like two-and-a-half dimensions. And their romantic affair, quick like instant coffee, has the same flat taste.
The protagonist Nola O’Grady is working for some paranormal agency. She has a license to ensorcell. Her male counterpart, a hunk Ari Nathan, is an Interpol agent from Israel. The guy is good with guns but leery of the paranormal. Together, they hunt the bad guys who kill werewolves. Along the way they fall in love (or lust).
The plot lines are mostly predictable. Although there is a parallel world somewhere on the periphery of the story, and Nola’s unconventional family pops in and out, the entire package somewhat failed to draw me in. I turned the pages rapidly, but my emotional core remained untouched. It might be what some people are looking for in the urban fantasy genre but it’s not my favorite kind of story.