Carrot Cake Murder - Joanne Fluke The book cover says it’s a bestseller, but I don’t know why. It’s an average mystery novel. Not too bad, not too good. Hannah, the protagonist, is an amateur sleuth and an owner of a cookie shop, and the only memorable pages in the novel are pages with recipes. I haven’t tried them yet but I will. Each chapter ends with a recipe, and some of them read like a scrumptious meal. There are cookie recipes, cake recipes, and casserole recipes. M-m-m-m, delicious! My mouth watered just from reading some of the ingredients lists. As for the murder mystery itself – well, all the heroes are two dimensional, including Hannah, and the plot is rather flat. Only Hannah’s cat Moishe seems real. Almost. It's my first Fluke's novel. It would probably be my last.