The Guardian - Sherrilyn Kenyon I didn't like the book. The heroes: demons, demigods, and gods - they didn't touch me at all. They are all immortal and their plights are unrealistic, to say the least; have nothing to do with us - mere human readers. I didn't understand the logic of their actions or their cartoonish emotions. I finished the book though, not because I cared about the protagonists (they left me indifferent) but because the writing was good and easy to follow. Simple curiosity propelled me. After all, Kenyon has a huge following. She is definitely a master of the craft of writing. If she just applied her craft to something real and human, I'd like her much better. As it is, I can't even rate this book. The story rates maybe 1 star. The writing rates at least 4. I'll leave it at nothing.