Aunt Dimity's Death - Nancy Atherton Absolutely incredulous premise but a delightful read nonetheless, especially if you suspend your disbelief. The prose is expressive and unpretentious, flowing like a light bubbly drink. Not champagne certainly but maybe a Breezer or a Cooler. And although not much is going on in the plot, I liked the characters and the descriptions. The novel’s low-key blend of a ghost story, a love story, and a bit of mystery was sweet, funny, and cozy.
Besides the premise, what I found hard to believe in this book were the lawyers. They are too nice – everyone’s dream-lawyers – but on the other hand, I don’t believe in ghosts either. If I’m willing to accept a friendly ghost, why not the charming lawyers? They’re just as fictional.
One thing puzzled me about this book though – I mean the physical book, not the story. This book lacks the credits page. You know the page that usually comes right after the title page, with all the publisher’s information and the copyright and the year of publication. This book doesn’t have such a page. Neither the publisher's info nor the year of publication are mentioned anywhere inside the book. Only the dust cover has the publisher’s name: Viking. By contrast, the writer’s name is on every page in the header, except the title page, which only contains the title. Then comes an empty page, and then the novel starts.
I think this book was from a defective print run, or maybe it was a single defective copy and it wasn’t supposed to end up in a library, but for some reason it did. I wonder if a collector would want such a copy. Its lack of information is almost as incredible as the ghost and the lawyers.