All Night Long - Jayne Ann Krentz

This novel is a classical Krentz, a delightful mix of murder mystery and a romantic tale. Add a 17-year-old gruesome murder, a mysterious OD of a senator’s glamorous daughter, an investigative reporter, a damaged former Marine with a Philosophy PhD, and a small town with a bunch of quirky characters, and you might get this novel… if you’re as talented as this author.

One of the reviewers said once that Krentz is predictable, and all her novels are essentially the same story. I agree. I know that I can always count on this writer to deliver an uplifting tale, full of tension, danger, and love.  She didn’t disappoint me with this novel.

The pace is very swift, the risk level for the heroine mounts steadily, as an unknown murderer runs around unchecked, but the romantic interludes between the heroes make the whole reading experience sweet and absorbing. I didn’t want to put the book down.  

The fact that the heroes are not real people but the author’s romance novel representations of a man and a woman didn’t diminish my joy of devouring this book.   

Recommended for all romance fans.