Getting Rid Of Bradley - Jennifer Crusie

I'm reading Getting Rid of Bradley by Jennifer Crusie - a small but marvelously funny novel.


A nice romantic novel but nothing spectacular.

Lucy is a recent divorcee. Her ex-husband’s name is Bradley. She wants to get rid of his things in her house so much she pushes his favorite chair into the basement.

Zack is a police officer. He is chasing an elusive embezzler named Bradley. Are they the same Bradleys or two different ones? And why is someone trying to kill Lucy? Does she know anything about Zack’s Bradley? Does he know anything about Lucy’s Bradley? Does she want him to?

Questions and giggles abound in this comedy of love and mistaken identity, as the two protagonists dance their non-standard courtship around each other. The mystery of two Bradleys adds tension and danger to the mix. One of the Bradleys is running around with a gun but which one?

An enjoyable romp of a story, although, unlike most other Crusie’s novels, in this one, the man is much better defined than the woman. Lucy is kinda hazy, while Zack stands in sharp relief. He knows exactly what he wants and what he doesn’t want, while Lucy is unclear on her goals for at least the first half of the story.

Here is what Zack thinks of Lucy – one of the best expressions of love I’ve ever read:


Her smile made Zack’s mouth go dry. He hadn’t seen it often enough to get used to it, and the thought made him both sad and angry. She should be smiling all the time. If she were his, he’d make damn sure she was smiling all the time.