"Almost Adept" hit the digital shelves today!

Almost Adept - Olga Godim

Today, my novel Almost Adept hit the digital shelves. I'm celebrating. Look at the charming cover. 


I’m not going to write a review of my own novel or rate it. But I’m going to ask the protagonist, young magician Eriale, what happened? Why did she leave her comfortable home for the crazy adventure chronicled in this book?


Eriale: I wasn’t planning to leave home. I just finished my studies and was going to apply for an Adept license but I got into a scrape and had no choice but to disappear for a while. You see, it’s about this guy, Gordin. He is a duke’s nephew. We danced together at a few balls. I liked him and I thought he liked me, but he only pretended, the cad. First, he insulted me behind my back, and then he almost raped me in front of his friends. I’m no wussy; I’m a princess, well, kind-of anyway, so I had to retaliate. I turned him into a muttonhead.

Oh, don’t make those horrified eyes at me; it was only for a week and only his head. His body remained human. I really intended to give him a ram’s head, but I miscalculated (it was a spur-of-the-moment spell), and he got a ewe’s head instead. His family was furious, of course. Maybe they wouldn’t be so angry if I gave him a he-sheep’s head, but still. I had to flee until the furor died down.

I have distant relatives, my mother’s cousins, in the Roodiman Empire, so that was where I headed. I stopped in Grumesh at my father’s request, for some magical guild business, but then things got complicated. I became embroidered in their freedom fighting controversy and I met the most wonderful man, Kealan. And then I had to challenge a blood mage to a duel. Scary stuff, but it happens, when one is an Adept. Don’t worry, I’ll get to Roodim eventually. Maybe in the next book. Thank you for asking.