Online thieves

One of the blogs I follow, Nose Graze, posted this. Someone stole her blog design 100% (HTML, graphics, and all) but put in their own advertising content. Fortunately, she just changed her design a few days ago - she is a professional web designer.

Sadly, the online theft is becoming more and more common. I know an artist here, in Vancouver, Lilian Broca, who makes wonderful mosaics, and of course the images are on her website. Someone from Turkey copied her images, put them on T-shirts, and started selling them on eBay. And they sell – the designs are beautiful. She didn’t know until one of her friends told her. The friend thought it was Broca’s idea and wanted to congratulate the artist. She tried to complain, eBay notified the company, they closed their store and 2 weeks later reopened it under another name. The T-shirts are still selling, and she doesn’t get a dime. And because those thieves are not in USA or Canada, she can do nothing. Very frustrating.
She tells her story on YouTube.

I blogged about thieves a couple weeks ago. Why do we like fictional thieves? The real things are repulsive.