Fantasy with a squirrel

Squirrel of Magic - Olga Godim

My short story collection Squirrel of Magic has been published. All the stories are united by the same protagonists: young witch Darya and her familiar, squirrel Beatrice. Together, they fight evil in Vancouver, Canada. Often with humor.

Some time ago, I ran a cover art contest here, and many of you helped me in selecting the best cover for the book. To thank all my BL friends, I've included you all in my acknowledgement page. I'm also doing a BL giveaway, which will end on Apr 30. 

An interview with Beatrice is here. She is planning to write a book of her own one of these days, when her evil-fighting duties are not so onerous. It will be a book about all the witches' familiars, probably non-fiction, she hasn't decided yet.