"Thank you" to my friends

Tomorrow is the last day of the giveaway of my book Squirrel of Magic. When I posted it, I wasn't sure how many would want it, so I only offered five copies. I didn't wish to offer more and be embarrassed, when only three people asked for it. To my surprise, there are 20 requests. I'm celebrating. I feel joyful bubbles dancing in my heart. One of the guys who asked for it here also asked for it on LibraryThing and won it today. 

So if one of my friends here doesn't win the book tomorrow - and I have nothing to do with selecting the winners, it's all BL - I could still send it to you. I'm new as a writer yet, and it makes me happy when anyone wants to read what I write. Just contact me through my website and let me know what e-format you prefer.

Thank you, friends.