Required reading in UK schools

This post from Interesting Literature outlines the current 'ado' in the UK about required readings at schools. I'm not sure what my position is on the issue, but one line of the post stands out. It concerns a book:

"But how many would have picked it up and read it, had they not studied it in school?"

Does the post author think that it is an endorsement of the book? I don't. If not many of us would pick up that book and read it unless it was a required read, maybe it shouldn't be required.

When my son was at school, "Of Mice and Men" (one of the books mentioned in the post) was in his curriculum. I read it with him. Both he and I disliked it immensely. That book could kill anyone's love of reading. I don't think schoolchildren should study it at school. Schools should promote books one could like, books that entice one to read, not the opposite.