Vaguely engaged

Otherwise Engaged - Amanda Quick

Time: Vaguely the middle of the 19th century.


Place:  A Caribbean island; London.


Characters: Amity is a world traveler, self-reliant and unflappable. Benedict is an engineer aka part-time spy, grumpy but stalwart. Nothing new here. Every character – the leads and the secondary characters – are average and predictable, two-dimensional.


Plot: Amity meets Benedict during her travels. He is wounded, and she saves his life. Later in London, they thwart a spy plot and find a crazy serial killer who murders young women. They fall in love. They survive danger. They spat. They enjoy a little bit of sex. The proposal.

Not a bad romance novel, especially the second half, where the tension rises rather nicely. The first half is muddled by too much back story and summation. Every scene that might've been interesting in the first half of the novel is summarized, told instead of shown. Vaguely boring.