Time travel too slow

Time Shifters - Shanna Lauffey

A so-so book, this story is mercifully short. The protagonist Akalya belongs to the tribe of Harekaiian – time-shifters. She and her people can shift through time and space, with certain limitations. Most of them are peaceful, solitary folks, living their lives on the fridges of society, trying to stay unnoticed by the mainstream government and military. In the 21st century America, it’s becoming increasingly difficult, but they manage … until someone starts grabbing their kin off the streets. Akalya is determined to find out who does it and why. She is set on freeing her people. Of course she does it by shifting back and forth through time.
The plot sounds interesting – an original blend of mystery and time-travel. It could’ve been a fascinating book, but the execution was blah. Too many technical details and prolonged italicized contemplations slow the action to a standstill for pages at a time. The secondary characters are all sketchy, and even the protagonist herself is blurry at the edges. I liked her, to a point, but I didn’t identify with her. Sometimes her behavior was illogical or outright stupid, while other times her inventiveness appealed to me.
Some humor inherent in the time jumps also helped this book to avoid being a total loss, but I won’t be reading this author again.
Overall – 3 reluctant stars, because I did finish it.