Murder #22 a tad boring

Death Comes Silently - Carolyn Hart

A solid murder mystery, this novel didn’t make much of an impression. It was a nice read while it lasted, it kept me interested until the end, and the tension rose steadily, but the characters were all forgettable and pretty much interchangeable.

It’s the #22 in the series, and I didn’t read the previous installments. Maybe that’s why the characters felt so wooden, without substance, like marionettes playing their roles. Each of them spoke with the same universal voice – that of the puppeteer’s. Perhaps in the beginning of the series, there was some development in the protagonists, but now, all the characters are firmly established, the author seems bored with them, and so is the reader.

The plot moved fast, and the villain was only revealed close to the end. Until then, the author kept us guessing who of the possible suspects would be the culprit.

If you have nothing better to read, this book is not a bad choice. It’s professional and clean, with no pretense to literary glamour, and the mystery is constructed perfectly. The writer is a pro, and it shows.