Sex or story

It Happened One Wedding - Julie James

I read 2 other books by this author and liked them better. This one was just OK. It reads well enough, but the plot is drugging a bit, with the multitude of unnecessary details, an occasional strange dead dialog, and heavy emphasis on romance and sex. Not much else happens in the story. The previous books were about fifty-fifty romance and thriller, with danger sprinkled in, and the combination made them alive. This one was boring in comparison.

The protagonists are Sidney, an investment banker, and Vaughn, an FBI agent. She does her things, he does his, and when they meet, shit (sex) hits the fan. They don’t even like each other for most of the novel, just indulge in unrestrained and very descriptive bed sport.

I might read other books by this author despite my disappointment with this one. She is one of the best modern romance writers, and I do admit to the guilty pleasure of enjoying the genre… sometimes.