Imps live in Kaunas

The link is for a Russian-language blog post about a museum of imps in Kaunas, Lithuania. The post is mostly images, but they tell an amazing story.

In 1906, a young Lithuanian painter in Kaunas, Antanas Zhmuidzinavichus, started collecting imps. Oddly, his first imp was a gift from his friend, a priest. Later, other friends started bringing him imps as gifts. The news about his amusing collection spread among the artistic community in Europe and Asia, and more imps began arriving in the post from various countries. Shortly before his death, the artist donated his collection to the city of Kaunas for a museum. The museum opened in 1966. It has over 2000 imps (some say as much as 4000). It's a must for every tourist in Kaunas and has hundreds of visitors daily.

When I was at school I visited Kaunas with my parents. Must've been early '70s. I still remember our visit to that museum.

For a tiny provincial town, Kaunas has 2 world class museums: the imps museum and the museum of the artist and composer Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis, an art nouveau painter of highly symbolic, mysterious paintings.