Grant a wish

It Takes a Witch - Heather Blake

My first book for this author and probably my last. It was not a bad book. It just wasn’t on par with the books I usually read.
The genre fluctuates between a cozy murder mystery and a paranormal romance but never quite settles on either. Darcy, the heroine, is a 30 years old divorcee and a new witch in a tourist village in Massachusetts. Actually most village inhabitants are witches with various magical powers. Darcy just moved in a couple weeks ago. She didn’t know about her witchy heritage before and she is exploring the limits of her magic now while getting to know her fellow villagers. When one of her most unpleasant neighbors is murdered, the police arrest an unlikely suspect, a beau of Darcy’s aunt. To help her aunt clear her boyfriend from the murder charges, Darcy reluctantly starts to investigate.
The magic system in this alternative version of modern day America is the only thing noteworthy in this mediocre story. Every witch has one power. Darcy is a Wishcrafter – she can grant wishes. There is also a Lawcrafter (a local lawyer), a Cakecrafter (he owns a bakery), a Curecrafter (one guess – an MD) and so on. Also, as in any other murder mystery, everyone has a secret, and many of those secrets have to do with the murder victim.
I finished the novel and even enjoyed it… to a degree. A light and brainless read.