A legal question

Some of you might already know that I'm bilingual - English and Russian. When I was a child, my favorite book was a novella by a Russian writer Alexander Grin, called Scarlet Sails. It was very popular in Russia, had a movie made after it, a cartoon, even a ballet. There is an English translation of it but it's not widely available. Moreover, people who read it didn't like it much. Some time ago, I translated it myself. I loved the story and I wanted to offer the same pleasure to the English-speaking readers. I hope I've done a good job with it and I put it on my website.

A couple days ago, I got an email from a Russian woman I don't know. She wrote that she has a girl in her life, a friend's daughter, who lives in England and reads only English. The woman wanted to send that girl an English translation of Scarlet Sails, to share her love for that book, and the only translation she could find was on my website. She asked me for a book.

I said I don't have a book, just a digital file. Then she asked if she could print the file, bind the pages as a book, and send it to that girl. I said yes. I was flattered.

The book was first published in Russia in 1923. The author died in 1932, so I didn't infringe on anyone's copyright. I hope.

Now my real question. Not many people log on to my website. Lately I've been putting my previously published short stories on wattpad, to make them available to more readers. My readership on wattpad is growing. I'd like to do the same with Scarlet Sails. Of course, I will say that it's a translation, not my original fiction, but anyway, can I do it? Legal-wise, I mean? I want to give as many people as possible a chance to read this little gem of a story. It's magical, very romantic. But do I have the rights?

There are lawyers among my followers, I know that for sure. Can I do it, folks?